How To Pick The Right Plant For Your House

Gardening is an activity that is quite fun, in Indonesia itself, gardening activities are experiencing an increasing trend in 2020. Due to the pandemic, which makes us spend more time at home, it makes us have plenty of free time to do other, more useful activities, and gardening is one of them.

Having a garden turns out to be a form of land use remaining in the house area. Many homeowners, especially those who have just bought a house, feel the need to make their environment comfortable and beautiful. One way is to beautify the appearance of the house because there is no remaining land for the construction.

Simple Decorating Garden Idea for Small House by pick the right plant

An important element in the garden is of course the plants that will adorn it. This plot of land will be filled with a predominance of green which makes the area look more beautiful. For that, when decorating the garden, it is important to pay attention to what plants we will use. Selection of plants that are not right, can make the garden far from beautiful and aesthetic.

Choosing plants is also the one of the most important steps in any new garden design or garden transformation. Which plants you choose for your garden will depend on many factors, from the orientation of your garden to its size and soil type, as well as your own preferences.

From stylish container gardens grown on patios or balconies to romantic cottage gardens, every type of garden will benefit from a well executed planting scheme, and whatever your vision for your garden, there are plants that can help you achieve the exact effect you want. In this guide, we cover all the practical points you will need to consider to get started on your planting scheme.

Adjust Plant Size based on the garden area

The garden area that we have should be measured, after knowing the size, we can know that the plant needs to be placed at least not to cover the entire area. Thus, we can measure the need for taller plants compared to lower sized plants.

Or how many broadleaf plants, rather than thinner leafy plants. This step is significant enough to decorate our garden more beautifully with the right proportion.

Choose a planting spot, either directly in the ground or in a pot

There are several other considerations when it comes to determining how the plant should be placed in the garden. We could just want to plant in the ground, or put it in a pot. Why this is important, considering we need to know whether the land can be planted for various types of plants.

That way we need to determine what plants can grow or not. Unlike pots, we must understand that plants planted in pots will have limited growth. Then we will again face the size of the plant.

Watering and Ornaments

It is not uncommon for a garden to be equipped with ornaments that adorn the garden. An example is a shelf for storing stacked pots, usually this ornament is adjusted to the size of the pot and also the mass or weight of the plant.

And there are also ornaments that are used as a growing medium for several types of aquatic plants, such as lotus placed in a water garden. That way, we need to pay attention to the irrigation that will be included in the pond, so that the existing lotus still gets nutrition or supply.

The considerations related to determining the plants return to your needs and goals in using the land. That's why, at Daisan we strive to provide green areas to keep your environment beautiful.