Redesigning Bedroom To Make It More Comfortable During Quarantine at Home

The bedroom is an important place in a house, that's why the bedroom should be a place that gives a comfortable impression. With a comfortable room, it will make us feel at home for a long time and maybe it is more comfortable to spend time inside than having to leave the house, especially during a pandemic like this.

Some people think that a comfortable room is a large room. There are also those who think that a comfortable room is a room that has a lot of furniture. Not all houses have rooms with the ideal size, some are sometimes limited in size due to the division of space, this is annoying because it limits the creations that can be done, so that they cannot put various objects that are important to be there, for example a table for dressing.

At Daisan, we have some inspiration and tips that you can use to redecorate your bedroom to keep the atmosphere comfortable. You can also apply these tips as a redecorate step and keep your mood good during your activities at home.

Step 1: Make light reflect throughout the room

One of the things that makes a room feel boring or dark is that it doesn't naturally reflect light. This can be caused by the number of objects absorbing light, not reflecting it all over the room.

Make light reflect throughout the room

That is why, in every room design found in each Daisan house unit, we make the rooms able to glow natural lighting, by providing bright colors. Or don't cover natural lighting sources with curtains that are too dark.

You can also follow the tips that we use, start by decorating your room so that it has a bright color, a color that can reflect light throughout the room. Like ivory white, which is not too flashy and still comfortable on the eye.

Step 2: Replace with multifunctional furniture

One of the best ways to give your bedroom a restful and relaxing vibe is to focus on the ease of movement, or how well you can walk around the floor space without feeling cramped. Where possible, try to avoid a lot of extraneous bedroom furniture in your bedroom so that you’re not tripping over bookcases and coffee tables or squeezing past bedside tables to get to your bed.

Replace with multifunctional furniture

This is especially important in small spaces and small rooms, where the space is so limited that you need to make sure you can breathe. The most effective way to do this is replacing some furniture with multifunction purpose. Think about extra storage spaces you could implement, like drawers underneath your bed.

While ease of movement is a great way to judge whether or not your bedroom is cluttered, also important is how it looks. When selecting pieces of furniture for your bedroom, think about the visual weights of each piece. For instance, a minimal bed frame with no headboard will be much visually lighter than a chunky bed frame with a wide headboard.

Step 3: Redecor into Multifloor Area

Daisan designed the living area with a ceiling height of up to 5 meters to ensure you get a spacious impression. If the room area where you currently live also has a high ceiling, then you can save on the storage area in your bedroom, or collaborate the sleeping area with the work area with a mezzanine concept.

The concept of room decoration is very trending among spatial planning actors, because it has the potential for unlimited creative areas.

Redecor into Multifloor Area

To tidy up a room, a clear vision is needed so that the process of arranging your bedroom is clear. You may need to consider some concepts, so that your goal in tidying the bedroom can be achieved. You can also take a peek at examples of bedroom area arrangement in Daisan housing units.

Visually, we have built several units at Demozone, which you can see by yourself and become your inspiration to decorating your bedroom. Interested? Come and see our Demozone Show Unit.