Benefit On Living With Lakeside View, Especially in Tangerang Area

Usually, in looking for a house to live, people will focus on the strategic location. The aim is to make it easier for them to do all their activities. However, not a few of them also prefer different shades. For those of you who prioritize comfort and tranquility, maybe a beautiful residential area will be your choice.

What if you can get both of them? Yes, now you can get both of them only in Daisan. Housing with modern Japanese style and strategic place, but still comfortable and beautiful. One of the thing Daisan has to offer in presenting a calm and comfortable nuance is by providing a view of a house by the lake or lakeside view. If you have a house by the lake, you will get many benefits, such as:

1. Healthy Air

This first point of view is of course very important. A comfortable modern residence, when combined with the surrounding lake, will create a clean and healthy air environment. With the lake, the quality of life for its inhabitants will be even higher because the beautiful area is believed to be able to reduce a person's stress level.

Around the Daisan area, there are “Open areas” that are used as gardens to help produce fresh air. At least 30% of the total land we provide, is used for parks and green open areas. Where in it there are more than 30 species of plants with various forms and benefits for your life.

2. Sports

The house around the lake usually makes it very easy for someone to live a healthy life, for example sports. With the lake, one can do sports comfortably, the fresh air will increase enthusiasm and spirit, especially in the morning when starting an activity.

Fuji Garden, where the main lake is located with an area of approximately 3,080 square meters, is the best location for exercising. You can walk around this park by jogging or on foot, feeling the freshness of the morning with the lake atmosphere right when you come out of your environment.

3. Preventing Floods

In preventing flooding, the lake functions as a place for groundwater infiltration and also a rainwater reservoir. Thus, the lake will help prevent standing water that will cause flooding.

There is an area of at least 3,080 square meters in the Fuji Cluster, 1,175 square meters in the Hokkaido Cluster, and 695 square meters in the Osaka Cluster. These lakes can provide rainwater storage and prevent flooding to your environmental area.

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4. Recreation and Refreshing

Because of its cool and beautiful scenery, the lake is very comfortable for those who want to relax and refresh. The scenery around the lake is beautiful and soothing.

Water is an element of life that represents calm, water also provides coolness because it can reduce the temperature of the environment after it rains. We can feel it all from around the lake in our neighborhood.

5. High investment value

In addition to various factors that are soothing and comfortable, having a residence with a lake by the side of the lake will also make us have a high selling value for the house.

Basically, a beautiful environment for the house is much liked and in demand. Those kind of property much exist currently in the market, but not with the concept of a Japanese modern house with a lakeside view, which still very rare in Indonesia. And it can be ascertained by looking at the number of requests, that from year to year, the price will increase.

Now, owning a house by the lake is not just a dream. You can make it happen by choosing Daisan, housing in Tangerang, which offers an epi lake view combined with a modern Japanese concept. This garden area is inspired by a modern, yet calming, Japanese concept. So that the combination of modern buildings with beautiful views will greatly provide a comfortable effect for its residents.

This housing estate offers three housing clusters, namely Osaka, Fuji and Tokyo. There are 4 types offered, namely The Villa, Flexible, Courtyard, and Lakehome. Each cluster and type of house offers a deep meaning and its uniqueness.

Exciting, right?
Has a modern style house equipped with environmental facilities, and is located on the edge of a beautiful lake. Of course this can make your home a comfortable resting place from everyday boredom.

And, for this modern housing, you also don't have to worry about the costs, because to guarantee everyone can have a quality life, they offer for 6.9 million every month. Just imagine? With only 6.9 million per month, you can have the residence you desire.
Because a comfortable space that is well arranged is everyone's right to improve the quality of life.

Immediately check our product pages and find your desired home to live with.