Simple Decorating Idea for Small House Concept

When you live in a small space, fitting in everything you need in it is difficult. If your living room, family room, or sitting room is cramped and cluttered, the last thing you'll want to do is spend time there. Trying to fit everything in and making it look cute is even a bigger challenge, but that's what makes small space design so thrilling. Decorating small spaces can feel like an impossible puzzle, but it's possible to have a small space that as stylish as their sprawling counterparts.

Here in Daisan, we believe a small space wouldn't be your major problem since our minimalist interior design had a long experience to clutter with the best option. As you may see from our small home concept in Cluster Osaka, both The Villa and The Flexible unit had their own set up to make sure you had the best view, and everything was fit.

Here is how we do it.

Lesson 1: Keep The Area As Clean As Possible

A neat area is able to diffuse maximum light throughout the room. Placing something that blocks the natural light can make your space seem narrow. That is why we avoid placing ornaments on the floor. Small spaces also often end up feeling dark due to small or nonexistent windows.

Clutter a Small Space for Better View

For most of the units that have a minimalist concept, we put each ornament opposite the place where the sunshine comes. The placement of the ornament on the wall with a ceiling height of about 4-5 meters makes the spacious impression feel so real. Combining striking ceiling fixtures—either a pretty pendant or elegant flush mount, with sconces or table lamps for a cozy and bright atmosphere, could help show the area has a clean and wide spot.

Lesson 2: Use A Barn Door Concept/Shoji

Need to separate your room or a certain area in your house without losing any natural light that came across into your house? A barn door or Japanese traditional sliding door, Shoji, should fix this issue.

Shoji or barn door concept to accessing soft light

In Japanese culture, light is an element of life that reflects hope. Sunlight is a power and element that creates warmth for everyone. Even though it closes the area, Shoji still allows light to enter without disturbing the privacy of the people inside. We implement this concept in Cluster Tokyo, in The Courtyard unit.

Lesson 3: Mirroring Technique

If The room you planned to clutter is not blessed with an abundance of natural light, mirrors can help you make the job done. The mirror has the ability to reflect light around the area. Also, can help make an optical illusion in the room, which makes it spacious and feel bigger.

play with mirror to widening the view

Some tips, try to consider lining a wall with a large mirror or creating a gallery wall with different sizes and shapes mirrors. This concept we actually had in our secondary bathroom in The Villa unit. Where we put a large shape of mirror inside, to make a small secondary restroom on the 2nd floor look wider.

Lesson 4: Put A Rug in Center of Area

Rugs or carpets are the most trick-full ornament that could bring wider perception in the area. Unlike the smaller rugs, these sizes don't visually break up the floor. Here is the secret, as a center of attention, people will focus on the large size of the rug that covers the sofa and the table.

rug to make your room feel wide

This helps anchor the space and give you a good staple piece to the most area in the room. Another plus tip for Rugs is you can sit on the corner seat. In the Flexible home design, we put some inspiration about this. Please take a look carefully.

As a final note for this tips article, adjusting everything related to the placement of items and spatial arrangement to create a wider area requires precision. You can search the information related to your dream home decorating ideas through articles that we always publish on this channel. We hope you are happy with this inspiration, and we are waiting for you to see the units in Daisan along with the most amazing interior and exterior concepts.